Mission and vision

The vision

United in willingness to restore Historical European Martial Arts techniques embodied in sources, we endeavour to their resurrection and sharing to a wide audience. We believe that our efforts will allow us to reclaim the lost legacy and that one day names and craft of medieval and renaissance Masters will be known and present in our culture, just as the other martial arts are nowadays. Through unique combination of studies on source materials and practical application of clues that they hold we delve into teachings and improve our understanding of them, hoping that someday we will achieve the skills possessed by authors of manuscripts.

We desire to legally provide training sessions and seek to creation of Historical European Martial Arts instructor program that would be certified by the State.

Federation aims to:

  1. Unite clubs involved in restoration and practice of Historical European Martial Arts.
  2. Provide the aforementioned clubs with the space to share experience and compete.
  3. Create Historical European Martial Arts instructor and coaching programs based on historical sources.
  4. Popularize Historical European Martial Arts as cultural heritage as well as a form of physical development and a way of spending free time.
  5. Care about the right image of Historical European Martial Arts in public awareness.
  6. Watch over high quality of emerging interpretations and training programs.

In endeavour to accomplish the objectives above, the federation undertakes the following activities:

  1. Certification of training programs in state structures.
  2. Organization of conventions and contests devoted to Historical European Martial Arts.
  3. Creation and support of website with information on federation programs and state of studies on source texts.
  4. Publication of study groups’ reports and federation members’ articles.
  5. Distribution of publications and films dedicated to Historical European Martial Arts popularization.
  6. Supporting club activity by way of funding events organized by them as well as by purchasing sources and training equipment.
  7. Promotion of Historical European Martial Arts in media.
  8. Certification of instructors and coaches.
  9. Cooperation with musea and universities in terms of obtaining new sources.

(Translation: KS)