Durchschlag is a young , annual HEMA event on Polish scene. First time it was held in February 2016 as a workshop camp, during which around 30 fencers from all over the country during 4 days were being thaught by professional coaches.

Since 2017 Durchschlag focused solely on hema torunaments, as a part of FEDER Historical Fencing Leauge 2017. It is held in centre of Łódź, central Poland, with about 30 participants.


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Results for 2018:

Longsword Open:
1 Antoni Olbrychski Akademia Szermierzy
2 Aleksander Dynarek Mordschlag Łódź
3 Tomasz Lipert ARMA PL
Longsword Women:
1 Joanna Koprowska Akademia Szermierzy
2 Anastasia Matyushina FFC Paladin
3 Agnieszka Wiszniewska-Matyszkiel Akademia Szermierzy
1 Vadim Kravchenko FFC Paladin
2 Antoni Olbrychski Akademia Szermierzy
3 Konrad Kramarz Mordschlag Łódź
1 Vadim Kravchenko FFC Paladin
2 Aleksander Dynarek Mordschlag Łódź
3 Lukasz Dabrowski Fechtschule Gdańsk

Detailed Results



Longsword open

Longsword women


Marek Szczepaniak
Marcin BąkSzymon Łojak
Magdalena Sędkiewicz



Durchschlag, fot.: Paweł Ponichtera
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