Spring and summer 2022

We are happy to announce FEDER plans for spring and summer 2022.

In the middle of February we will meet on rapier-only event in Oborniki (league rapier open and women and special Destreza tournament for researchers of this fencing school) organised by Marek Helman.

Somewhere between March and April, in Bielsko Biała, we will compete on FechtBerg tournament by Szymon Ożóg, where open and women longsword will be available and experimental sabre.

In the begining of May in Kielce, organised by Szermierka Kielce, we will fence league sabre and buckler (both open and women) and smallsword.

Season will end on Black Horns Cup in Poznań – June event with all weapons, both open and women – organised by ARMa Poznań and Aleksander Frydrych.

Last but not the least of our news – this month we will finish and publish major rework of FEDER ruleset, containing many small fixes, better text composition and less ambigous parts.