Getting back to tournaments 2021/2022

Dear fencers.

After covid break we get back to organise our events as a full-on league with series of tournament in all weapons, both open and women, spread evenly through the year.

Since the break we wanted to use it as an occasion to change some things we were displeased at. Mostly, we will try to run more, but smaller events: 2 categories (both women and open) and some non-league events like sidesword, smallsword tournaments or workshops/ fechtschule. So some events like Kielce or Lodz tournaments will be split into two smaller ventures. Black Horns Cup Tournament will remain a biggest, full on event with a goal to become a big international competition.

We would like to invite you to first tournament of school year 2021/2022 (sabre and rapier open and women and smallsword tournament)

Next event is being planned month or a bit later in Lodz, with longsword and buckler. We will try to end 2021 with third league event in Poznan.

Stay tuned, and happy fencing!