SKUNKS tournament (SELFI-e)

Silesian Encounters with Lost Fencing – Interpretations, or “SELFI-e” in short (Polish: Śląskie Konfrontacje Utraconych Nauk Kunsztu Szermierczego, ŚKUNKS), is an annual HEMA event held every May since 2009. Started by Marcin Surdel and Adam Marek, SELFI-e has developed during these years along with HEMA supporters and clubs in Poland. Guests from the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary and Great Britain had already visited us, and each following event gathers 30-50 HEMA enthusiasts. SELFI-e provides you with:

  • workshops and lectures held by esteemed instructors (up to now, Łukasz Dąbrowski, Martin Fabian, Anton Kohutovic, Krisztina Nagy, Grzegorz Magiera, Gregor Medvešk, Marcin Surdel, Maciej Talaga, Szabolcs Waldmann among others shared their knowledge and experience with us);
  • Fechschule (our favourite HEMA-style speed dating);
  • various types of tournaments (timed cutting, longsword, messer, spear, ringen);
  • innovative ideas (Wanderjahre, a charity longsword tournament held on the Rybnik city square, an exhibition fight “knight vs. samurai”, or the memorable experimental tournament including balloon markers).

Since the beginning we have been among the few places where one may try his skill in cutting targets with sharp weapons and the Timed Cutting Competition has become the showcase of our event, as well as the bonfire integration party and the picturesque Rybnik Reservoir . We take pride in the fact that we try to introduce new elements with each edition of the event. SELFI-e in its current form, under the leadership of Artur Jurczyk, focuses on exchange of experiences and making new friends in an open, friendly and unformal atmosphere.
We are proud of our history and more information on past SELFI-e editions may be found here:
And since one picture is worth a thousand words, we invite you to familiarise with our films:

SELFI-e 2013 as seen by our guests:

SELFI-e 2014 Kuba Potocki’s promo film:

Memories of SELFI-e 2015 by Kuba Potocki:

Memories of SELFI-e 2016 by Mordschlag Łódź:


(Text provided by tournament organizers – thank you!)