2019 FEDER League schedule and Events

Short information about Polish FEDER League in 2019.

Tyrnhaw 2017, fot.: Paweł Ponichtera

There are 3 types of tournaments in the League. Points won in championships are counted 100%, in cups are counted 80%, and in  experimental/ non-league tournaments are counted 0 % (regardless if they use FEDER ruleset or not).

All tournaments and full-contact cold steel events require organisor to apply FEDER rules about gear and safety.

We welcome competitors from abroad to join. FEDER rank is only for Polish competitors, but all listed below tournaments have their results sent to HEMA Ratings Beta.

26-27.01 Tournament go-now in Łodz (padded weapons)

2-3.03 Durchschlag – HEMA tournament, all weapons + smallsword+cutting, Polish National Cup

16-17.03 Magnum Sal Cup III, nylon mixed weapon, experimental

13-14.04 Nord Fecht, experimental, workshops

24-26.05 Śkunks 2019 Artur Jurczyk, experimental, workshops

8-9.06 Tournament and Gala in Kielce non-league tournament (but league ruleset) and gala (cage fights with continous fight)

14-16.06 Black Horns Cup 2019 – HEMA Tournament, Olek Brodaty,all weapons  Polish National Cup

9/10   – W3 – Ireneusz Miyagi Nowak, longsword Polish National Cup, workshops

???? middle of 11. Falcons Cup -Polish National Cup – not confirmed

6-8.11 or 13-15.11  Dorota Kramek  Polish National Championship